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Teachers as 'Writers

It's not enough just to teach writing; one must be a writer!

A key focus of the Seven Bridges Writing Project is to encourage teachers to examine themselves as writers. Those best equipped to teach writing to others are those who write---who explore new genres, appropriate new voices, and model the joy of writing.

Below are samples of writing from our partner teachers.
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Jasmine Butler

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A hoarse voice came across the computer. It's low and deep and familiar to my heart and ears. He's not feeling good. I know it before he announces to his followers and those watching him playing a game, that he has a sore throat. 

The mom in me comes out and tells him to get some rest, drink some fluids. Can you smell? Can you taste?

"Relax, mom. It's just a summer cold. My dad gave it to me. It's not COVID."

So, I momentarily relax. I have a million balls up in the air right now. I can relax about this.

But I go into the stream the following day, and his voice is lethargic. He complains of a fever and tells the crowd that he'll be ending early and curling up in bed with his cat.

I start to send messages. Are you drinking enough fluids? What is your temperature? He tells me that Nessa had a curry delivered to his home. "That should help with your sinuses," I tell him.

"It would if I could taste it," and my heart stops cold.

His dad is down and out, too.

His dad refuses to wear masks.

Neither of them got vaccinated.

What do I do now?

He won't even go get tested.

                                                                              - Malinda Bachelor

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Refreshing the Liberal Soul

~a haiku response to Dorie~


Water is precious,

an ongoing narrative,

a running thesis,


a smooth, soothing stream. . .

of consciousness, a current

flow that refreshes.


Natural resource

made from time and miracle,

a conversation.


Time, precious, is like

water, an unplanned comma,

a beautifully 


diagrammed sentence,

bro-ken into its wayward parts:

fragments recomposed.


Teachers, women, for

a brief moment, one lone male—

overcomers now


seeing solutions

with hearts full of care, traverse

the seven bridges


arched over rivers

of words, thought, and hope that lead

to writing freedom.



~By Anjeanette Alexander-Smith

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